Come Skate with US!!!!!

Have you heard about roller derby and wondered “Could I do that?”  Well the answer is YES!!  But there really is only one way to find out for sure.  Come out and join us Sunday or Tuesday 8-10PM at the Lemoore Sports Complex, 711 West Cinnamon Drive, Lemoore.   We have some loaner gear available to try out.  See our Join Us section for more information.

If you are still not convinced, here are reason’s why you should join the team :

1. Because you can lose weight and get fit. And it makes your ass look SPECTACULAR!

2. Because you will make new friends…lot’s of them.  Even if you are one of those girls that say ” I can’t stand having girlfriends” , you will make girlfriends.  Life long friends.  Lots and lots of them.  I don’t know how it works, it just does.

3. Because it can cure anger management. If you are always bitchy and in dire need to channel all that anger and frustration, roller derby is the sport for you. Not only do you get to knock people down, you get to score points doing that and everyone will cheer.

4. Because wearing skates are always better than wearing heels. They have wheels, u move faster, they have stoppers, and can also act as a weapon to throw at people.

5. Because being a derby girl rocks. Its a healthy sport where you get to kick ass while having a bitch session afterwards. You can also express yourself in fashions you dont normally get to wear ( a tutu? a lumberjack costume? fishnets? crazy makeup? your choice) AND you get an awesome derby nickname that you can register so that no other derby girl in the world can have your name.

6. Because knee slides are orgasmic. One of the most important derby techniques you’ll need to learn is the basic knee slide. When you’re getting blocked and losing your balance and fall, a knee slide comes in handy. The sliding around is very fun and very addictive.

7. Because there is no other sport quite like roller derby. Women have always been perceived as the weaker sex. If this statement ticks the hell outta you, then you’re the right girl. Derby girls are trained to be tough, able to withstand blocks, and get up when someone knocks you down. Not to mention, trying to block your opponent on wheels with 9 other girls in close proximity skating around.